replica watches Push Time New Metal Brushed Series in Autumn

German designer brand best replica watches Lavrangi was born in a design studio in Hamburg. Because of the success of the design of the iPod Watch series, Lavrangi has attracted the attention of the German fashion watch industry as a young brand. The Abacus abacus series designed by designer Roy Schafer in 2009, has evolved the concept fake watches that previously won the German Good Design Award FOMR award into a fashion watch that integrates fun, decoration and function. Once the classics of designer collaborations were launched, they were sold out in the market.

The Time Touch series is a sub-series of the ABACUS steel ball series. The avant-garde design with a watchless steel ball rolling time has caused a wave in the swiss replica watches session, the fashion industry, and other fields, and even set off a tumble of time. Out of the continuous innovation of the series, replica watches for sale pushed the time to touch the new series of brushed metal.

In terms of craftsmanship, to break through the tacit understanding of the weight of the steel ball and the magnetism of quartz, two semi-empty steel balls were welded with thousands of fine grinding to make the steel balls round and smooth 360 degrees; and the muscular magnetic field strength not only allows the steel balls to Runaway can also ensure that when the wrist is raised, the steel ball is pulled back instantly and the time is accurately read. This “creative and interesting” design not only completely subverts the stereotyped image of the Germans but also fully witnesses the superb craftsmanship made in Germany.

Different from the mirror polishing of the first generation of time-touch, the new second generation of steel balls is more eye-catching, and the drawing effect created by exquisite German craftsmanship is low-key and restrained. After the dial, it is incredibly delicate and worn daily. It is more dazzling and dazzling than the sunlight on the wrist. The new replica watch also launched phantom black, streamer silver, champagne gold, tyrant gold, rose gold, five fashion taste tones, which much gives more choices of fashion matching, which surprises the luxury replica watches family or fashion big coffee!