“One Piece” × replica watches! Limited edition of 3,000 watches

In fact, the best replica watches series has already launched watches in cooperation with “One Piece,” which caused a quite sensational buying boom. The second watch launched this time has selected the most popular parts of the two styles, which can be said to be an evolutionary luxury version! However, this time fake watches was already booked out as soon as it was booked, because there are only 3,000. But we can still see what the watch is like this time!

This time swiss replica watches changed the DW-6900CB used by the most popular “Straw Hat Legion” version to the DW-6900 version, and then engraved the classic scene of Redhead Jack granting Ruf’s straw hat on the case back, and It is also decorated with the silhouettes of all members of the Straw Hat Corps and the pattern of the Wanli Sunshine.

Watches are limited to lalabitmarket. They are limited to 3000 sets. replica watches for sale has a waterproof function, multi-function alarm clock, automatic calendar, and other functions, as well as EL backlight and flash function. The belt is polyurethane, the screen is inorganic glass, and the back is stainless steel.