“Adventure with Bell” What kind of watch is suitable for survival in the jungle

There is such a group of people in the world who love to challenge the limits and the unknown. They often go deep into the dense jungle to explore the mysterious world that has never been discovered. They have the wisdom and courage of extraordinary people, have received the most stringent training, and are famous for wilderness adventure Bell Griers is one of them. replica watches, China’s first large-scale outdoor adventure documentary reality show “Follow the Adventure with Bell” was officially launched, with the director Gan Chao and 10-star members, and has since started a cruel “star abuse” journey.

Adventure “mentor” Bell Griers, a man, hailed as “the top of the food chain,” best replica watches, when he produced the “Expedition to the Wilderness” of British Discovery Channel, he tried all kinds of incredible in order to survive in extreme environments Food, which led to Betty’s fake watches, and US President Barack Obama had adventured with him to survive. Bell is a former British special commander who loved mountain climbing from an early age and was also passionate about outdoor adventures. Before working with a Chinese team, he had visited mountains in southern China and made a special feature of “Survival in the Wild” in China. This year, we formally cooperated with the Chinese team to enter the unmanned areas of Libo Da, Xiaoqikong Scenic Area, and Maolan Scenic Area in Guizhou to take risks, relieved some swiss replica watches of adventures, and started a survival adventure in the jungle with the stars. Journey of.


“Following Bell’s Adventures” is not a strong star lineup, but one thing in common is that they dare to replica watches for sale, and their members have strong complementarities. Its members include He Sui, the “Angel of the Secret Secret” (only participated in one episode), Jiang Changjian (known as the smart mentor), the host of “The Strongest Brain,” singer Zhang Wei (has been stunned in the toilet by netizens), and a new-generation actor Wu Qian (a strong girl), Hong Kong star Xie Tianhua (a mature and stable Laughing Sir), Zhang Junning (the elder sister of Da Zhangwei), Han Xue (a strong and team-oriented Cecilia), Bai Jingting (strong self-esteem Post-90s fresh meat (Little Bai Xiaobai), Zhang Danfeng (Eastern Qing Qing, who loves the beauty of “Flower Thousand Bone”), and Liu Yuxi (post-80s host who is afraid of imbalance).