Beyond A Hundred Years Of Replica Watches Usa, The First Self-developed Movement

For a classic 40mm Replica Watches Usa, Legacy Machine 101 (LM101) has a lot to offer. More precisely, LM101 covers a very long time: more than a hundred years, from the beginning of inspiration to the birth of the wristwatch. The delivery of Legacy Machine 101 emphasizes the core of what constitutes a wristwatch: the balance wheel — the precise isochronic of the shoulder; Mainspring for storing power — a definite indication of the next time the chain needs to wound; And, of course, time. The LM101 also has an exceptional feature — one that won’t see: it’s loaded with MB& F the first completely independent research and development of the movement.

Visually, the LM101 focuses on the large suspended balance wheel, and its steady rotation is even more attractive to the viewer. The sapphire crystal mirror protecting the dial appears to have magically disappeared, allowing one to reach out and touch the giant balance wheel suspended between the graceful arms. The arch arms are cut directly from the whole piece of metal, and it takes more than five hours of manual polishing to achieve the mirror-like luster. Turn Legacy Machine 101 upside down, transparent sapphire crystal back cover — circular arch design, to reduce the thickness of the strap and the visual height of the case — display the hand-crafted movement. The vibrant lines of the machine board and bridge board pay tribute to the high-quality style of those classic pocket watches and also prove the legitimacy of LM101’s adherence to traditional watchmaking.

Legacy Machine is the crystallization of this dream, with large and robust balance wheels, arc dials, traditional classical bridge plate design, and excellent surface polishing, while blending modern and classic elegance.

With Geneva ripples on the movement, hand-polished chamfering, gold sleeve, and blue steel countersank head screws, the beauty of the evolution of LM101 is not only loyal to the past time, but also indicates the dawn of a new era — because it is MB&. F the first utterly independent conception and design of the movement. Responsible for the exquisite polishing and decoration of this movement, to ensure that it faithfully presents the style of the old Replica Watches and conforms to MB& 100%; Kari Voutilainen, an award-winning independent watchmaker, is behind the design of the F structure. Even though the movement of Legacy Machine 101 looks superficially similar to that of Legacy Machine No.1, a closer look reveals that this is a brand new movement, not just a smaller version of the LM1 movement, but one made by MB&. F utterly new concept and research and development of the action. Balance and gossamer are the essential core of all mechanical watch movements, and their frequency (that is, the interval of oscillation) is critical to the precision of the action. Busser was always fascinated by the slow vibration of the large balance wheel in the antique pocket watch — 2.5 Hertz / 18,000 times per hour, compared to the 28,800 times per hour most common today — so it’s no surprise that he started with it. What was surprising, however, was that he reinterpreted the traditional alternative — moving the balance wheel, usually hidden on the back of the movement, not just over the action, but over the dial. Even though the LM101’s balanced position may be considered quite avant-garde, “traditional” shown in the size of a giant balance wheel with a diameter of 14mm. The balance wheel specially designed for MB& F developed counterweight screws, Breguet type gossamer, and loose gossamer head-fixed bolts.

Legacy Machine No.1 (LM1) is the first piece of Legacy series, and LM101 shows the traditional watchmaking style through a more standard 40mm gauge diameter than the 44mm of LM1

The LM101 not only has a visually appealing floating balance balance balance wheel, a pure white dial indicating time (hours and minutes) and power storage, but it also has an attractive appearance and high readability created by the contrast of blue hands. In addition to the balance wheels that float on the dial, luminous blue hands glide on the white dial on either side. This process is heated after several layers of paint so that the paint can evenly and smoothly coat on the dial.
The dial did not use the traditional screw fixation but instead used a sophisticated ring of gold to fix the dial in a complicated way, so that the immortal classical beauty of the dial would not slightly be diminished. Since LM101’s movement independently developed, it means that master watchmaker Kari Voutilainen is responsible for ensuring that the movement’s bridge design and excellent surface finish adhere to strict traditional watch specifications. Movement dial side of the substrate surface engraved with the sun radiation decorative lines, it will be in a specific Angle to attract people’s attention, but won’t pow off the white dial, floating balance wheel, or dynamic storage indication of elegant demeanor. The deck, movement, and delicate polishing can be appreciated through the transparent bottom cover, where you can experience Kari Voutilainen’s outstanding craftsmanship. The shape of the deck maintains the elegant curve of the traditional watch movement, with ample and spacious space between the floor and between the action and case.

Legacy Machine 101 is available in either 18K rose gold or 18K platinum case versions, with a total annual production volume of 30

On the back of the movement, large ruby bearings are visible through the countersunk head. They are fixed with polished gold sleeve, which becomes the focal point of view on the bridge slab, matching the Geneva ripples and evoking the high quality of the antique pocket watch movement. Ruby bearings have the effect of reducing friction and extending the life of parts. Large size bearings can accommodate larger gear axles and more lubricating oil.