How to judge online shopping list is parallel or replicas?

As the times continue to advance, watches have evolved from timepiece tools to jewelry or collectible works of art. Women choose to wear watches, often for decoration, while men wear watches to symbolize status, but brand watches are moving. Tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions of people, but also make Xiaobian this ordinary wage earner discouraged! This means the birth of a market! It is the parallel and replica watches market that the table friends love and hate.

China’s e-commerce has already taken the lead in the world, and of course it has also promoted the development of the watch market. However, some unscrupulous merchants have made a lot of noise, and there are words like high imitation and imitation. Parallel imports are still different from these high imitations and fine imitations. So if you choose to buy watches online, you must be clear about their differences.

Let us first talk about what is parallel imports. Parallel imports refer to products that are sold in a certain country or region without the sales agent designated by the original manufacturer. It should be noted that parallel imports are not fakes! The origin of the term “parallel imports” is because early smugglers evade tariffs and other reasons, so buying parallel imports has a moral problem involving tax payment. But Xiao Bian still does not recommend that you buy parallel imports, because a very critical issue is the warranty! Licensed warranty, parallel imports are not covered by the merchant warranty. Although the quality of the watch is generally not a problem for a few years, there is nothing absolute about it. What should I do if it breaks in a year? So in order to avoid trouble, I suggest you still choose licensed.

Let’s talk about the so-called high imitation and fine imitation. All the high imitations and fine imitations are fakes. This is beyond doubt. Most people buy watches for the first time, and after listening to the sweet words of those who are selling fakes, they all think that they are very cheap. In fact, this is just the way they use this kind of luck.

The easiest way to directly identify imitation goods is to look at the price, because the movements like Patek Philippe and Vacheron Constantin are self-produced movements, like Longines, Mido, is the ETA movement, ETA is the world’s largest movement Manufacturers, 60% of the movements of watches with a global production of more than 10,000 yuan are from the hands of ETA. The imitation watch also uses the ETA movement, although the number is very small, because the ETA’s movement cost is very high. The entry-level 2824 movement has a domestic price of more than 2,000. The 2892 ultra-thin movement is more expensive. More than four thousand. In 2005, ETA announced that it would not sell movements to the Chinese mainland market. However, some powerful imitation workshops can still get some ETA movements through some other channels, regardless of the price, because the illegality and quantity of the channels are more expensive.

Therefore, everyone friends, online shopping must be polished!