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As a major event of global fashion trend culture, after Mumbai, Taipei, and Columbia stations, best replica watches passionately ignited G-SHOCK Party shocking night. Creatively combine various trendy and fashionable cultural elements with watches and lead a new trend through a combination of music, sports, trends, art, and other multi-cultures and young people’s attitudes to life.
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That night, MAO Live House was a star-studded star and a crowd of celebrities. The G-SHOCK Party shocking night MC was played by the landmark people TangKing and ShowTyme from the United States. When they entered the show, they showed great rap skills — the audience.
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G-SHOCK spokesperson Huang Lixing brought a lively atmosphere with a song “I Am a Star” specially produced for G-SHOCK, and then “Sound Wave” lived up the audience.
The highlight of Shocking Night is the pinnacle of various skills, BATTLE. Participants in the show include heavyweight bloggers from the BeatBox world, Cash, AG, Danny, Rocbang from the replica watches for sale world, as well as DJ-HBD and SSOSO.
Huang Lixing participated in the judgment, replica watch challenged the DJ with oral skills, and each of the leading skills added a fanatical element to the scene atmosphere. The competition of DJ HBD and DJ SSOSO is a rare high-level performance in China. Subsequently, after a number of rounds of TOP LEVEL-level Break Dance, the most exciting peak matchup will be presented to the scene. China’s NO.1 luxury replica watches and the world’s top expert Frankie Flave held a passionate PK match, showing superb dance Technology to reveal the true definition of TOUGHNESS.