Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Type Meter replica watches Rhône-Fuster

The best replica watches brand Audemars Piguet has announced a special edition of the Royal Offshore Chronograph Rhône-Fusterie. The name of the watch comes from Audemars Piguet’s boutique on Fyustri in Geneva, which is currently the most extensive boutique in Audemars Piguet.

I do not know if the watch friends of the watch house have been to this ancient fake watches.

The Royal Offshore Meter swiss replica watches Rhône-Fusterie watches are limited to 500 pieces.TIf you want to know more details about the watch; please stay tuned for the watch home.


Breitling CHRONOMAT B01 Series Ultimate Edition Timing Fake Watches

Compelling, unique, and exquisite design, master class interpretation: the development and production of the CHRONOMAT B01 series of automatic chronographs completed at the Breitling factory. Replica Watches radiates the perfect combination of strength and elegance. Breitling has created a luxury watch for the CHRONOMAT collection. He has demonstrated an unprecedented authority in the field of mechanical chronographs.

Perfect body

The comprehensive search and full function is the constant goal of Breitling Swiss Replica Watches in the development and production of “professional wristwatch.” it is a challenge that Breitling brand designers often face. In the CHRONOMAT B01 series, this subtle request was taken to another new peak and designed to ensure a high degree of durability. water-resistance and impact resistance, the watch is ergonomically designed to fit the wrist. An essential tool for measuring flight or immersion time: the unidirectional ratchet bezel has a unique engraving number that, while ensuring excellent readability, gives this chronograph an exceptionally exceptional appearance. The dial is available in both hourly and Roman numerals, with light colors and materials and light and dark effects — the flexible and sporty strap equipped with movable lugs for comfort. Aesthetics and functionality are incorporated into every detail of the surface treatment, just as an aerodynamic aircraft crosses the sky.

Extraordinary power

The Caliber B01 caliber has an original and innovative structure that symbolizes Breitling’s extensive experience in chronographs since 1884. The Breitling brand plays an indispensable role in the development of chronographs. After the release of the first Best Replica Watches timing in 1915, the son of the founder of Breitling, Gaston? Breitling came up with a smart idea: control three different timing functions (start, stop, and zero) with different buttons. Gaston in 1923? Breitling completes the timing system by separating the “start/stop” function from the button control at 2 o’clock and the “zero return” function initiated by the crown. This patented invention allows the user to calculate a few time segments without zeroing the pointer continuously. Breitling has added a separate button to the chronograph zeroing function to create the final look of modern chronographs. In 1969, Breitling launched the first automatic chronograph movement, the Chrono-Matic Caliber 11 movement, which was one of the challenges of the watch industry in the 20th century. Now, the appearance of the Caliber B01 movement marks a historical turning point, which makes Breitling a place in a handful of watchmaking companies with homemade mechanical chronograph movements. It is a remarkable achievement and a springboard for the future.

Aesthetic charm

From the general design to the most delicate details of the treatment, CHRONOMAT B01 shows a focus on aesthetic precision and has gained a seat in the field of Fake Watches synchronization. Few watches can successfully combine technology with original elegance. The volume and proportion of the case are ingeniously designed and highlighted by meticulous polishing, and the craftsmanship of watchmakers is vividly displayed. The engraving on the dial creates a depth effect and a matte finish that contrasts sharply with the polished surface. The dial has Roman hour markers or numbers, and its unique geometric design makes the checkered pattern appear in the light. The CHRONOMAT B01 collection is available in a variety of elegant colors: matt or metal, discreet, or unpretentious, which gives each model its unique charm. The beveled and polished links on the Pilot bracelet add a touch of movement to the wrist — straps made of the beautiful leather show an elegant and stylish sport style.
CHRONOMAT B01 is available in four different versions: all steel, stainless steel with a gold bezel in time scale, stainless steel with gold bezel, all gold. There is also a unique version of 18K rose gold (4N) in warm colors. Polished diamond indicators, accumulators with fine turn-by-turn processing, and hand-adjusted hour markers and hour hands add elegance to the dial. Roman numerals complement the accumulator bezel and the square frame pattern area to create a new visual effect. The four moments in the bezel ensure a soft and silky touch. Breitling showed a perspective


New watches available from the Avengers 2019 Replica Luxury Watches series

Breitling, a leading independent watchmaking brand in Switzerland, officially released the New Avengers 2019 watch in China. The Avengers watch is currently the best-selling Breitling style on the Chinese market, and in addition to the versatile Breitlight® display, the dominant breath theft is even more critical. The limited edition of the second generation World Time Black Steel China. Which is only available for sale in mainland China. And the Breitling Avenger Deep Dive Sea Wolf Black Steel Watch is also the first in the world released on the market in China.

The Breitling Avengers series demonstrates the power of action.

Since its foundation in 1884, Breitling, synonymous with this chronograph, has played an essential role in the development of chronographs and continues to lead technological innovations, self-transcendence, and continuous history. At the same time, we always open up opportunities for the next challenge.

Breitling “Off-road and more dare” Avengers Challenge Alliance – Avengers watch show

Marco Sbriccoli, Global Sales Director at Breitling, released Avenger II GMT Blacksteel China Edition.

Marco Sbriccoli, Director of Global Sales at Breitling, announced that China is the first to release Avenger Seawolf Blacksteel from Breitling Avengers.

At a press conference, Marco Sbriccoli, Breitling global sales director, shared with Breitling’s breakthrough achievements in the development process with the guests and introduced the new Avengers Breitling 2016 series. The most striking of them is the Breitling Avengers hurricane watch, created by Breitling, a new material developed by Breitling. Eye-catching over 50-millimeter diameter and an innovative Breitlight® case, the clock is durable and surprisingly light, as well as the original Breitling home B12 mechanism with 24-hour military time display. The limited edition of the 50-year Breitling Avengers World War II watches Black Steel China Limited Edition is the latest Breitling masterpiece for Chinese consumers. The use of red elements is a tribute to China’s traditional culture and complex. Mr. Sbriccoli said: “The challenge and constant innovations are the essential Breitling watch genes and the most critical factor in the development of the Breitling brand. The Avengers have always had an excellent and relaxed shape. Consumers love it. That is why we are glad that we can use the latest technology in this series. It is also a great honor to present a limited Chinese watch that combines the preferences of Chinese consumers with Chinese features. ”

Breitling Avengers Second Generation World Time Black Steel China Limited Edition Watch Avenger II GMT Blacksteel China Edition

As an independent watch brand with a distinctive style and personality, Replica Luxury Watches not only dare breakthrough in watchmaking skills, but the process of its development inextricably linked to the great Huazhang of people who continuously cross borders and realize their dreams. From the first flight location from “Aurora 7” to the promotion of global balloon flight No. 3 Breitling non-stop global flight, from full sponsorship of various aviation events to the full support of pilots under sport to challenge the flight record.

The more off-road, the more extreme

In 2016, Replica Watches became the official timekeeper of Discovery Adventures Park Aviation. In this event, Replica Luxury Watches 2016 “Off-road and more dare” Avengers Challenge Alliance is also fully assembled, in line with the spirit of the brand challenge, adventurous with the Avengers Challenge Alliance, they will feel the stimulation of survival in the wild and the joy of flying.

After the Breitling Avengers Challenge Alliance conference, consisting of guests, he experienced a series of bloody extreme projects at Discovery Exploration Base, challenging the tension of outdoor sports and the charm of nature. Taking the hot air balloon, every climb and every calorie increased the adrenaline of the players, and she realized the courage and desire for the earliest conquest of the sky by people; in a complex network challenge, will, and faith leaders. Team members worked together to discover their perseverance and fearlessness in overcoming difficulties and failures. During the most challenging desert adventure, team members went through a long mountain to learn orientation, fire, filter water quality, dropping ropes, slings, and other wild survival skills, and to experience stimulation other than city life. Uncertainties and uncertainties must accompany adventures: in a strange environment at large, the coach wears Avenger II and Super Avenger II to help players get an accurate idea of ​​the pitch. Brave adventure!


Breitling Replica Watches: The most practical and reliable flight watch in the world

A Swiss Replica Watches is not unique in the aviation watch industry, but it is, of course, different. He was born in 1884. In a family factory in the Swiss Jura mountains, which specializes in the production of watches and other scientific equipment, and its owner is called Breitling Replica Watches (full name ST · IMIER BREITLING). Like everyone who lives here and is obsessed with creating sophisticated games, Breitling founders are always fascinated by constant research and pioneering innovations.

The second generation of the Breitling Replica Watches, Gaston, then produced the first watch for aviation.

At the beginning of the last century, when people just put on wings that flew into the sky, the man who dared to become a pilot became the hero most wanted by fashionable women. In 1915, the second generation of the Breitling watch, Gaston, then produced the first watch for aviation. If an ordinary person gets such a watch, I’m afraid that mastering all its functions will take a long time.
Because the Breitling flight watch design is designed to “create the most practical and reliable flight watch in the world,” you don’t have to consider “fatigue by numbers” when designing your dial and deal with dashboard and numbers throughout the day. For the pilot, the Breitling shape is aesthetic; the function is perfect; the practicality is impeccable. In short, it is the favorite of modern marine aviation driver.


Best Swiss Replica Watches Bold Fusion Complex Features

The Best Swiss Replica Watches factory was born in 1875 in the Brassus village (Le Brassus) in the Jura Valley region of the Jura Mountains in Switzerland. Since its inception, Replica Watches is still an independent company run by the founder family, and it is our responsibility to produce extraordinary quality timepieces. The first large-scale complex watch was launched in 1882, setting a new milestone for watchmaking history. This year, Audemars Piguet’s new chapter, the Royal Oak Offshore Watch, launched in 1993 and boldly combined several complex functions to present a perfect watchmaking achievement.

The Royal Oak Offshore Complex is an outstanding watch with a modern style, made of titanium and high-tech ceramics, with a case diameter of 44 mm and a rubber strap for a bolder look. The watch is large in size, unique in design, simple in shape, and involved in the function. Its lines are carefully crafted to reflect the wearer’s king style correctly. Also, the movement of the watch is not just a traditional automatic mechanical movement; it successfully combines several rare and rare complex functions: three-question function, double-chasing chronograph, and perpetual calendar function.
And its design follows the blueprint drawn by designer Gérald Genta in 1972. The design of the watch is sporty and shows the resolute temperament of the other tree. Twenty years after its introduction, this outstanding watch combines for the first time with a large and complex caliber that stands out from the crowd.
This self-winding mechanical movement with four outstanding features, three of which are traditionally complex functions in the watch industry. Specifically, in addition to the purpose of displaying standard time, this modern-style men’s watch also has a timing function, and the watch can also measure the interval timing through the double-chasing sophisticated service. The design of the watch is bold and bold, showing the king’s domineering and exuding incredible charm, which can be used to sound time, engraving, and scoring under the wearer’s operation. What is even more gratifying to the connoisseurs is that the watchmaker has added a complex function of the perpetual calendar containing the moon phase display.

This timepiece of classic art is modern in style, and is a veritable Best Swiss Replica Watches, showing the brand’s watchmaking talent and superb technology. With a meticulous attitude, the watchmaker cleverly assembled 648 parts in a tiny space of only eight cubic millimeters. Through the modern surface processing technology such as sandblasting, it highlights the unique beauty of traditional crafts such as chamfering and wire drawing. Through the sapphire crystal dial and the bottom cover, you can see the mechanical movement of the world, making this watch even more outstanding. Under the original transparent bottom cover, the black automatic gold plate can be seen, which perfectly complements the modern design of the overall design.
Traditional techniques, but its novel design has an intense future color, fully demonstrating the spirit of Best Swiss Replica Watches: harnessing convention and creating innovation. This watch has a rebellious and freestyle, perfectly blending traditional large complex movements with the modern world, presenting the traditional value of timepieces. This watch is only custom-made. Moving requires the watchmaker of the watch factory to invest 700 hours of work time. Only with a meticulous work attitude and patience in pursuit of perfection can we create such a remarkable timepiece. This modern watch with titanium metal and ceramics and a rubber strap shows Audemars Piguet’s current position and masters the traditional concept. Audemars Piguet injects modern style into conventional technology. It not only combines the past and the present but also looks at the future with this outstanding concept and creates classics.
Royal Oak Offshore Series Large Complexity Titanium Watch Technical Parameters
Case: 44 mm, titanium
Function: three questions, perpetual calendar, double chase chronograph, hour, minute, small seconds display
Mirror: anti-glare treatment sapphire crystal and bottom cover, black ceramic bezel, crown and chronograph button, water-resistant to 20 meters
Movement: Calibre 2885 automatic lifting movement, power reserve for 45 hours, column wheel timing device, three-question double-tone spring at the same horizontal position, moon phase display plate made of metal-coated sapphire crystal, automatic disk Personal requirements for custom-made, hand-polished parts (polishing chamfer, grain polished on the upper side, matte finish on the lower side), hand-polished bridge (curve polishing chamfer, both sides frosted, drilled pearl dot grinding)
Dial: sapphire dial, white chronograph dial, Royal Oak Platinum fluorescent hour markers and hands, silver-white inner ring
Clasp: black rubber strap with titanium pin buckle
Limited edition of 3 pieces


King of Watches – Rolex Air King Replica Review

High quality Swiss replica Rolex Air-King watch for sale

We’re here to talk a lot about the Rolex replica, but we haven’t touched the Air King replica yet. Today we will talk about the history of this model, the value of the price, and we will break it all in a useful pros and cons. So let’s do business, okay? This is the Rolex Air King watch we sold at Replica Magic.

Rolex Air-King History

The Air King is one of the most recognizable replica watches from any brand, and they are still the icon of fashion and are now impeccable. They have the oyster structure known to Rolex. The Oyster system was invented by Rolex in 1926 to prevent the flow of water and to do the job well. This range of timepieces has the highest quality we expect from the Rolex and Eternal Air King collections.

Rolex Air King copy price

After playing games with Air-King, we asked ourselves, “Is this worth the heavy price?” We think we have come up with a suitable response. The answer to this question is simple – no. No, the price of Air-King is not worth $5,000. The reason why it is not worth changing is simple – it doesn’t do anything other than a lower-priced watch. If it doesn’t do anything spectacular then why pay so much?

When I ordered a Rolex replica, I saw my dream come true. I only spent $159. Now I like this beautiful Rolex Air King every second. This is a good Rolex imitation.

If you just want to have a Rolex replica to meet Rolex needs, then this will be your purchase.

The dial of this replica watch is available in blue, white, silver and rose gold with a Roman numeral hour scale or Arabic numerals and a stick mark in the middle. The dial has one hour, minute hand and second hand, and the second hand is accurate, suitable for time setting lighting. Rolex uses scratch-resistant synthetic sapphire crystal to protect the dial from any damage and give it a slightly enlarged appearance.

As the brand expects, the Oyster structure is widely used for durability. The Air King consists of a one-piece mid-shell, a spiral back cover and a wrap-around crown made by Rolex’s Oyster process. There is also a 34 mm stainless steel Oyster case with a mechanically machined bracelet with a flat three-piece link. The most important is the semi-spherical fixed bezel, 18k white gold, adding a touch of sophistication.

Air King is water resistant to 330 feet and features a screw-on fixture and a double-lock, double-waterproof system for waterproofing. The case itself is tested for load to ensure it meets the minimum withstand voltage requirements. There are three steps to doing this – vacuum test, compression test and final condensation test. These tests will reveal that even the smallest amount of moisture can enter. If the water does sneak into the interior, Rolex will start to correct the problem again. Rolex is known for not paying attention to these details, and this watch is indeed true.

The entire watch is made of 904L stainless steel. You may ask yourself what this means and we will tell you. 904L stainless steel is most commonly used in high technology, aerospace or chemical industries. It is used in these areas because it is highly resistant to corrosion and can be seen there. The 904L stainless steel is very sturdy and is one of the most durable metals on the planet. The amazing thing about 904L stainless steel is that it can also make something as beautiful as the Rolex Airking replica.

This watch is powered by Rolex using a 3131-caliber engine permanent mechanical self-winding watch engine. This 3130 caliber engine is equipped with a parachrom hairspring that provides excellent temperature resistance and high impact resistance. As expected by all of the brand’s products, it is one of the most accurate replica watches and requires successful testing by the Swiss Observatory testing agency prior to retail preparation.

For us, this is a pretty big drawback. This line is not shown in Rolex’s well-known 4 o’clock position. Call us for forgetfulness, but we really like this feature and will consider buying this model because it lacks it. I hope that the future model of Air King will add a date display because it is a very good choice, and these replica watches are quite expensive because there are not so many features.

Another problem we have is the high price. Yes, we know that when buying a well-known Rolex Air King replica watch, we should expect a high price. As we have already said, this watch does not have any groundbreaking abilities and kindness to let you know what you are paying here. Our idea is that it is mainly to promote the name of such a high price, because it is certainly not the most exciting copy of Rolex watches.
Who is the best

This is a very classic watch that is perfect for those looking for an elegant statement. The dial and strap are simple and look very clean. The great thing about Air King is that it is so timeless that it can be worn anytime, anywhere.

If you are a watch collector and want to add one of the best-known models in this collection, Rolex Air King is also a great work. Air King is a landmark work that has been around for a long time, so it will be the perfect complement to any collection. If you are passionate about timepieces, you can also collect one of each of the different dial types.


Is it true to buy a VS factory online? Replica Watch fake watches

There are a lot of people who want to buy a designer watch, which is often not easy to accept the price, but it is very good for factory-made watches, so this type can be perfect for fake watch wearers. Their own advantages, although their own regular manufacturers need to recognize, but the impact is really not small. The VS Factory is a branch of the old factory in the fake and shoddy watches industry, which insists on producing only a handful of the best imitation watch watches.
Every replica of the Watch here is the best and irreplaceable.

First: There is a perfect fixed factory

Of course, in the factory, they have their own complete factory system, and equipped with professional design personnel, so the production of watches are first-class type, the advantages are not underestimated, the ultimate impact is very different, so many people have been deeply affected like.

Two: A better service system VS Factory purchase of all watches will adopt a complete service system, whether it is after-sales service or warranty maintenance, the factory will do its best to solve the problem for you, to achieve good results, not only to make customers satisfied, but also customer satisfaction.

I’d be happy to serve you.

Three: Perfect distribution system The manufacturer’s conveyor system is absolutely complete and can better realize the advantages of the VS factory.
However, people have combined these aspects, get good control methods, and still have a big impact.


How to judge online shopping list is parallel or replicas?

As the times continue to advance, watches have evolved from timepiece tools to jewelry or collectible works of art. Women choose to wear watches, often for decoration, while men wear watches to symbolize status, but brand watches are moving. Tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions of people, but also make Xiaobian this ordinary wage earner discouraged! This means the birth of a market! It is the parallel and replica watches market that the table friends love and hate.

China’s e-commerce has already taken the lead in the world, and of course it has also promoted the development of the watch market. However, some unscrupulous merchants have made a lot of noise, and there are words like high imitation and imitation. Parallel imports are still different from these high imitations and fine imitations. So if you choose to buy watches online, you must be clear about their differences.

Let us first talk about what is parallel imports. Parallel imports refer to products that are sold in a certain country or region without the sales agent designated by the original manufacturer. It should be noted that parallel imports are not fakes! The origin of the term “parallel imports” is because early smugglers evade tariffs and other reasons, so buying parallel imports has a moral problem involving tax payment. But Xiao Bian still does not recommend that you buy parallel imports, because a very critical issue is the warranty! Licensed warranty, parallel imports are not covered by the merchant warranty. Although the quality of the watch is generally not a problem for a few years, there is nothing absolute about it. What should I do if it breaks in a year? So in order to avoid trouble, I suggest you still choose licensed.

Let’s talk about the so-called high imitation and fine imitation. All the high imitations and fine imitations are fakes. This is beyond doubt. Most people buy watches for the first time, and after listening to the sweet words of those who are selling fakes, they all think that they are very cheap. In fact, this is just the way they use this kind of luck.

The easiest way to directly identify imitation goods is to look at the price, because the movements like Patek Philippe and Vacheron Constantin are self-produced movements, like Longines, Mido, is the ETA movement, ETA is the world’s largest movement Manufacturers, 60% of the movements of watches with a global production of more than 10,000 yuan are from the hands of ETA. The imitation watch also uses the ETA movement, although the number is very small, because the ETA’s movement cost is very high. The entry-level 2824 movement has a domestic price of more than 2,000. The 2892 ultra-thin movement is more expensive. More than four thousand. In 2005, ETA announced that it would not sell movements to the Chinese mainland market. However, some powerful imitation workshops can still get some ETA movements through some other channels, regardless of the price, because the illegality and quantity of the channels are more expensive.

Therefore, everyone friends, online shopping must be polished!


Watches Review: Gavox Roads

I noticed some interesting watches, the design was influenced by the car, not the hoe. This makes me feel very strange, because it looks more like other styles of watches, such as pilot / aviation themed watches, diving watches and so on. The car theme/inspirational watch is often on your face, you can’t help but notice that its design is inspired by the car. Don’t get me wrong, I like the unique design on your face. There are ways to do this, and the watch doesn’t look like a children’s watch/toy. I have reviewed some of the unconventional car-themed watches, whose design features are subtle. Does the Gavox Roads watch fall into this category, or is it just another fancy car-themed watch?

GR has 3 different dial colors and you will see the following picture in the comments here. This is not just a choice of colors. Each dial color has its own unique path that can be found on the bottom cover. The map style engraved bottom cover is definitely cool and adds some road trips to my bucket list.

Michael Happe, the founder of Gavox Watches reports that “the Gavox Roads is the ultimate road trip companion.” I was very curious to find out what he meant by this. When I first glanced at the dial on the GR, it appears to be just your standard chronograph style set up. What I mean by standard is that it has the main hour, minute hands and three small subdials.


Typically I don’t go into great lengths about a watches movement for a number of reasons. One reason it is boring because their isn’t much new to be said that hasn’t been said before. The movement in this watch definitely is important to the dial itself. The Gavox Roads is equipped with a Ronda 5130D which counts seconds via the main second hand. You will notice that the sub dial at the 9/10 o’clock position has two hands, the longer hand has a ‘top speed’ of 30 minutes and and the shorter hand goes up to 12 hours. The small seconds dial at the 3 o’clock position which handles the ‘running’ seconds. That leaves the sub dial at the 6 o’clock position which is responsible for the alarm, which is just fun to play with but is also very useful. The alarm definitely takes me back to simple times before technology complicated my life. Michael has a very easy to follow video on how to operate all the functions on this watch which I will include the link below. The video is about 5 minutes and that’s about how long it will take you to learn to properly use the Roads functions.


The functions operate flawlessly and are extremely easy to recalibrate if needed. As great as the functions are on this watch, it would be useless if the dial wasn’t legible in terms of the hand size/fit, numbers on the sub-dials, date window size/color, ect. Thankfully Michael is not only is a stickler for preciseness of function but he is also a stickler for design layout. The Roads is extremely easy to read both in daylight and night. It is also very legible when it comes to reading the sub-dials. The black dial Roads has a more stealth effect yet it still has that important legibility. The crispy white dial is not only has that clean streamlined appearance but it is probably the most legible of all the dial colors. The blue dial is just pretty but not in a flashy way. On the chapter ring is the tacimeter, which has small print but not too small where legibility is compromised. The blue dial has the most legible tachometer and this is due to the orange numerals that is set against a blue backdrop where the other two versions have a black chapter ring with white numbers.


Gavox always gives you great options when it comes to it’s watches and their “shoes”. The GR is no different, as you can see in the pictures that there are some nice leather straps that have stitching that matches the dial brilliantly. Everything functions with great precision and quality on the Gavox Roads. The bezel is so easy to grip and operates with a nice tight feel but not where it’s difficult to rotate. I really appreciate that the crown is a screw down style instead of the push pull style. In my opinion, push pull style crowns should become obsolete. A screw down crown just offers so much more protection from water, dust, etc. Some comments that I have received on this watch from my social media posts are “it’s a beautifully designed watch, just wish it had an automatic movement.” I get the draw of a mechanical movement, believe I do. If the Gavox Roads had a mechanical movement, that had all the features this watch had, it would put it in a completely different price group. Then the comments would become, “I love the design but damn that is expensive.”


The Gavox Roads is a great watch and it definitely is a great companion piece when on the road/go. I used it to time my treatments at work, used the alarm to remind to get my ass moving on my days off, and even managed to use the tacimeter while taking a mini-road trip. Michael’s passion and love for watches always transcends into his watches and the Gavox Roads is no different. If you are looking for a watch that will definitely assist you on your travels, the Gavox Roads is that watch. In my opinion it’s also a great vacation watch especially if you want that disconnect from your home life. Ditch the phone, the tablet, the laptop. Rely on the watch for your time needs, even in the water you are covered by the 300 feet of WR. Grab the watch, jump in your car, and just enjoy the open road.

Thank you all for reading the review and sharing my obsession of watches.

Thank you so much Michael and the Gavox team.

Gavox Roads Specifications:

Surgical stainless steel case
Sapphire Crystal
Case diameter: ø 41mm
Case depth: 12 mm
Screw down Crown
Luminescent on hands and dial (Superluminova)
Turning Bezel 120 step (unidirectional)
Ronda Movement Swiss part
Chronograph 12H
Date display
Alarm 12h
Surgical Stainless Steel Band
Water resistant: 10ATM (300 feet)

Hot Rolex copy blueberry series

Most people interested in the Rolex range are familiar with their legendary multi-time zone pilot watch GMT-Master. Although various GMT-Master and GMT-Master II references and soda-themed nicknames have become the backbone of the luxury collection world, there is an additional iteration that pays less attention to the Rolex Blueberry GMT.

The “Blueberry” GMT-Master must be just a conventional reference 1675 in the 1970s, initially with an all-blue border insert. Unlike the bezel inlays of other colors in the GMT-Master series, the Blue Blue GMT’s all-blue insert is not an option dealer that Rolex Replica officially offers under any regular authorization.
In contrast, the blue GMT bezel panels were made in small quantities in the 1970s and were reserved for specific orders for specific retailers and military groups – the Emirates Air Force logo can be found on the dial. The exact amount of production is unknown; however, since the all-blue GMT border plug-in has never been officially available to the general public, even the service replacement plug-in will be much less than the number of other available colors.
A handful of “Blueberry” GMT-Master replica watches are initially available with an all-blue bezel insert. Today there are many replicas of the “Blueberry” GMT blade to choose from; however, a large number of true all-blue inserts are not actually original to their respective watches, but are added in subsequent services or repairs.
The era of the fake Rolex dial was earlier than the entire time window in which these all-blue bezel panels were put into production. As a result, all “Blueberry” GMT-Master watches will be equipped with a matte dial with white lettering instead of the early glossy gold-plated dial, or the glossy dial of the later era, with a time scale around the platinum. More importantly, the “Blueberry” GMT-Master can be either a full red GMT hand or a classic GMT hand with a red center. But it’s worth noting that the full red GMT hand is usually considered less common.
Since the all-blue bezel plug-in is the only defining feature of the “Blueberry” GMT-Master, the price and appeal of this plug-in has risen wildly in recent years as more and more buyers try to buy a collection for themselves.